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加價購 NT$ 89 3MB

[ Pineapple Selection Institute x 3M No Trace] Work together!

Now the pineapple painting office can buy any painting, and enjoy the 3M seamless frame hanging buckle to increase the price!


(1) Use 3M exclusive patented non-marking strip, which is firmly adhered when pasted, and does not hurt the adhesive surface when removed, leaving no residual glue

(2) Each group can carry a weight of 1.8kg, and the four groups can carry a maximum weight of 7Kg. It is suitable for hanging all kinds of light-weight photo frames and picture frames

(3) Specially designed sub-female structure can be repeatedly detached

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Inkjet printing method: digital photography quality fine output
decoration method: frameless painting + simple frame (simple frame painting)
outer frame and back panel: solid wood inner frame, PS imported outer frame, high density backboard
Canvas: Special oil canvas
Style: Nordic simplicity, modern

Optional core size:

Post-assembly size: